SFW Anthology: launch

Swindon Free Writers is officially launching its first short story collection book, and you can be part of it!
What’s the anthology about?
This collection will be fantasy based, with all the shorts linking together to form one large saga, in the styles of Foundation (Isaac Asimov) and The Chronicles of Mars (Ray Bradbury).
How will this work?
Nick, the editor in charge of this project, has a story plan that can be split into five to twenty parts. When everyone has signed up (more on that below) the plan will be adjusted to fit the number of writers and the section assignments will be allocated out.
How will the shorts fit together?
Every short story will happen consecutively on the timeline of the saga, one after another. They will also be spread out, happening years or even generations apart, so authors will have freedom to develop their own characters and plot lines that fit within the saga.
What is this story?
A world that runs entirely on magic discovers that their magical power is running out, and efforts to fix it fail. When the magic completely dries up, their civilisation crumbles as everything they rely on to survive stops working. From the ashes different groups of survivors learn to cope without magic, and instead use the young science. After many years and much development, a relic of the old world is discovered, and the possibilities of magic rise again.
How can I write my short that fits into that?
Each authors’ section assignment will be purposefully vague. Everyone will have the freedom to interpret what happens at each juncture and to invent a story to encompass it. There are no restrictions on length, subject matter or themes.
How does this book differ from other collections of short stories?
First, there are no expectations of profit in this project. It will be a showcase, not a money maker. Second, Nick the editor will be editing all the stories and working with all the authors to ensure the quality of their pieces. You won’t be alone to do your part.
How do I sign up?
Email Nick on mail@swindonfreewriters.com and let him know you want to be part of the SFW shorts collection! The deadline for signing up is June 5th, the next meeting.